Democracy is in crisis.

Major industry lobbyists have too much influence over our State government. And we can't tell what's going at the statehouse with enough lead time to make sure our voices are heard on key bills and amendments.

But Terra believes we can fix this.

She is focused on two main strategies:

- get "Big Money" out of our electionsso that "regular people" have a fair chance at influencing elections. Currently, large donors play too big a role in state and municipal elections. Terra aims to change this.

- ensure transparency in state government so that we know what the heck is going on at the statehouse. The statehouse clerks have done an amazing job getting the hearing information online, including the session minutes. But so much is NOT accessible by the public. Terra believes we can do better.

- automatic voter registration... to save time/money and increase participation

- make voting day a state workers can get to the polls

- lower voting age to encourage a new generation of voters

This site is from a prior election, but all positions remain the same. Please stay safe and practice social distancing, and care for each aid.

Terra, a former municipal official with  decades of business experience, believes we are in a state of crisis. And if we do not immediately embrace fiscally, environmentally, and socially sustainable solutions, that our lives will change dramatically and irrecoverably in our lifetimes.

for State Senate

Middlesex & Worcester