for State Senate

Middlesex & Worcester


This site is from a prior election, but all positions remain the same. Please stay safe and practice social distancing, and care for each aid.

Terra, a former municipal official with  decades of business experience, believes we are in a state of crisis. And if we do not immediately embrace fiscally, environmentally, and socially sustainable solutions, that our lives will change dramatically and irrecoverably in our lifetimes.

The basis of Terra's principles regarding environmental justice start with the right to clean air, water, and land (housing/open-space, food security). This may seem lofty. But with good planning, Terra believes we can do it. We have all the "land use" authority we need. For decades developers and profiteers have run our government, setting the metrics for success, convincing us that we need "growth, growth, any and all growth" to survive as a society. This is just wrong! Terra has studied the finances around business, economics and how these inter-relate with land use.

We have the power to ensure that people who actually use natural resources pay for what they are using and for the costs imposed upon the rest of us.

We have to get off of fossil fuels by 2030. We're doing a good job, but we're not getting there fast enough. The Global Warming Solutions Act is a good start. But it will not get us there. The GWSA does not track the actual net carbon footprint of the state's activities. It misses a key component..."growth".

While the state is asking us to conserve and preserve, it's allowing the destruction of over 60 acres of land per day. All with no statewide water study to ensure there's enough water. All without a road capacity study to ensure that congestion won't create unbreathable air. All without the constraints in place to ensure crosswalks are safe, and that we have the infrastructure in place. The state is presuming that we will pay the bill for this infrastructure. So their current plan, pushed by the regional planning agencies is to promote "Smart Growth". Sounds good, right? Not necessarily. Please see this page for more.