Get "Big Money" Out of Our Elections!

Massachusetts has a proud tradition of democracy.

But "Big Money" (and its sister corruption "Dark Money") is running rampant through our statehouse.

Recently when a team of over 2,000 people were organizing around a bill, we were finally told by several legislators that it didn't matter if we were writing letters and calling...we needed a professional lobbyist in the statehouse every day.

Terra believes that's a crisis. A crisis of democracy.

BUT she believes that we can fix this.

She realizes that courts have ruled that "corporations are people" and "money is speech" and so we "can't limit speech" in the form of money. BUT she also believes that this is not the end. The Supreme Court respects states' rights to reasonably limit campaign donations.

And Massachusetts does have limits! [click here to see them]

But these limits are so high that most people can not participate.

And so Terra proposes that we limit campaign donations to $100 per person, and $15,000 per PAC. She's already started this effort, focusing first on non-residents. See for more information. The petitioning begins mid-September 2018. And PassMassAmendment bills will be refilled this coming session, both to amend the State constitution, based on "Corporations are NOT People, Money is NOT Speech" and to drastically reduce the limits on campaign contributions by all people.

While Terra hopes to see a US Amendment declaring the "Corporations Are Not People, Money Is Not Speech", she does not want to wait for that to happen. She believes that Massachusetts had the power under its state Constitution. And she believes there is no reason to wait.


She also warns against an "Article V" Convention, which many "Corporations Are Not People" groups are promoting. Please ask if you want more information about this. She believes what many judges and attorneys are warning against... a "runaway convention" where our entire Bill of Rights could be at risk.

This site is from a prior election, but all positions remain the same. Please stay safe and practice social distancing, and care for each aid.

Terra, a former municipal official with  decades of business experience, believes we are in a state of crisis. And if we do not immediately embrace fiscally, environmentally, and socially sustainable solutions, that our lives will change dramatically and irrecoverably in our lifetimes.

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Middlesex & Worcester