for State Senate

Middlesex & Worcester


This site is from a prior election, but all positions remain the same. Please stay safe and practice social distancing, and care for each aid.

Terra, a former municipal official with  decades of business experience, believes we are in a state of crisis. And if we do not immediately embrace fiscally, environmentally, and socially sustainable solutions, that our lives will change dramatically and irrecoverably in our lifetimes.

What is MAPC Good At?

The Metropolitan Area Planning Council is a state agency whose mission is to promote "Smart Growth".

I believe that "Smart Growth" only works in "ideal" conditions, which rarely ever happens. And so I believe that "Smart Growth" can be dangerous to communities, in terms of affordability, walkability, and sustainability. All the things that "Smart Growth" supposedly promises is what it makes impossible.

BUT while I have a lot of negative things to say about "Smart Growth" and any agency pushing it, I do have a LOT of good things to say about MAPC.

What has MAPC done that's GREAT?

Pull up a chair, because it's a long list that I believe is going to grow longer as employees of MAPC and other associated state agencies realize that pushing unlimited growth is unsustainable.

Here's a short list [I will be adding to this! this is just the beginning of my 2020 "run" for State Senate!]

- conducting detailed research on the impacts of growth

- promoting the idea of "age-friendly" communities...that consider accessibility as a basic tenet of all land use planning

- regional transit planning, including promotion of the  new public-uber-like trials

- sharing of sustainable planning techniques [each meeting, they share/collaborate]

- democratization of land use planning and meeting time [it's getting better!]