Danny Factor

Acton, Massachusetts



Terra is the ONLY candidate for Middlesex & Worcester who is endorsed by the Assabet Valley Chapter of the Green Rainbow Party

Terra has a history and a commitment of living the values she espouses. Her basic principles are laid out in the Green Rainbow Party State Platform, which she helped create and believes that she has fiscally sustainable solutions to make this vision possible.

Solutions for the crises of our time:

With her project management skills and experience, Terra can organize people around consensus and GET THE JOB DONE! She has organized teams of people statewide, including development and submission of bills. Her experience includes organizing around advocating and passing key legislation, as well as fighting and beating what she considers poor or dangerous legislation

“At a time when we have plenty of calm and measured voices in government, we need Terra's strong, courageous voice."


As a systems engineer, who has sat on official boards and committees, Terra has an in-depth understanding of land use and fiscal planning. She has a Masters in Finance, and decades of experience analyzing Key Performance Metrics for organizations. She believes this experience is critical to understand bills proposed to the Statehouse

This site is from a prior election, but all positions remain the same. Please stay safe and practice social distancing, and care for each aid.

Terra, a former municipal official with  decades of business experience, believes we are in a state of crisis. And if we do not immediately embrace fiscally, environmentally, and socially sustainable solutions, that our lives will change dramatically and irrecoverably in our lifetimes.

for State Senate

Middlesex & Worcester